I have been planning to write up my holistic health manifest for a while. I have spent quite some time thinking about it and finally feel like I am getting closer to verbalising how I think about health and the steps I have taken to improve my health on all levels.

I divide my approach to health into four pillars – mindnutritionexercise and environment. In my opinion these pillars are all equally important. You do need to include all of them if you really want to achieve a lasting improvement in your health and quality of life. While you may want to start working on those four pillars at the same time, they could also be regarded as steps. In my experience – your mind comes first and until you heal your mind on the deep subconscious level, all sorts of demons will be coming up and interfering with your ability to stay on track with the other pillars and all your life goals by that matter.

No matter what your intentions are, your mind will keep coming up with reasons why to breach your diet. Despite the best intentions, your sleep will not be as replenishing as you would like it to be and you will struggle to pull off the recommended eight hours per night. As a result of both, you will not feel as physically well as you would like to in order to stick with the exercise regimen that you want. I believe it’s necessary to start healing the mind first or at least at the same time as addressing nutrition and physical exercise. I describe the pillars below in the order of priority for someone who is only at the beginning of the journey.



Based on my experience, I have absolutely no doubt that our emotional and psychological well-being is the overall determinant of our health and quality of life. Unfortunately, most of us have been raised in various unhealthy settings and taught early in our lives that there is something wrong with us, our emotions, our reactions to situations and our wants and needs.

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