Hi guys, I have finally plucked up the courage to put together my first video. In this video, I explain why I believe that we need to continue talking about narcissism no matter how much we have healed and recovered from the entanglements and enmeshments with the narcissists that defined our lives.

In my opinion, narcissism is the most dangerous mental health issue. Why? Because it’s invisible. If someone has depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, you would most likely get the idea that something is going on with this person. The person would likely have an idea that something is going on with them.

It’s very different when it comes to narcissists. Usually only the scapegoat understand that something is off. All the rest of the world is usually fed the narcissist’s Mr. or Mrs Nice persona. The scapegoat gets branded crazy, unstable, difficult, the problem.

Thousands or maybe millions of children around the world are being psychologically destroyed by their narcissistic parents. And no one helps. The child is branded difficult, problematic. No one stops to ask why. Discarded partners of narcissists are being pushed over the edge by ignorant divorce judges or social workers who take the side of the manipulative narcissist.

I think it needs to change. And it will only change if all of us who have been through this experience continue talking about it despite the constant back-lash. I am sure you know what I mean – ‘if you continue talking about it, you are not moving on’, ‘you have to take the high ground’, or even ‘you can’t call him a narcissist because you are not a mental health professional’.

I disagree. We have to talk about it. Narcissism is like poverty. The children born into it have not done anything to deserve it. It just happened to them. If someone manages to pull through their poverty-stricken childhood and do well, that doesn’t mean that the problem of poverty no longer exists and that the person should stop talking about it. Narcissism and covert emotional and psychological abuse is as serious an issue as poverty and we need to continue talking about it. It’s us, those who have recovered, who can make is easier for the future scapegoats. It’s us who has to educate the world and spread awareness.

Think about narcissism as an infectious disease. If someone has AIDS, you need to understand that it is dangerous to have unprotected sex with them. If someone is a narcissist, you have to understand that it is dangerous to get into a relationship with him or her, you have to understand that it is dangerous to be in conflict with them. You have to understand that you need to have strategies in place to deal with this person. And I think it’s up to us who had to learn our lessons the hard way to make is easier for those coming after us.

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