Hi guys, it’s time to reinvigorate my blog and return to what it was originally meant to be before the detour to narcissists and psychopaths (though understanding this is important for anyone’s wellbeing as well.

By the way, I am now working on a novel, inspired partly by my entanglement with the narc. If you want to check it out and let me know your opinion, there are a couple of chapters on my website.

I have started this journey of trying to turn around my health quite a few years ago. I originally thought it would be a straightforward soaring towards victory and a ‘look how awesome I am and defeated everything’ kind of thing. Well. It turned out much more complicated. There have been victories and there have been defeats.

After all those years, I can say I have a pretty good experience of dealing with a nice range of issues and I would like to contribute this experience to the global pool of knowledge for anyone who is dealing with similar things.

What I want to do?

I want to review everything I have done over the past years to deal with a range of health and psychological problems.

By everything I mean things like dietary strategies, supplements, various protocols, methods, meditation techniques, exercise regimens but also health professionals, including those a bit alternative, that I consulted on the way.

I will be totally honest about everything. I will tell you about what I tried, continued and discontinued and why.

If anyone who’s reading this has any positive experiences treating your problems, please share them.

What health problems/issues will I talk about?

Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD): A few years ago, I was chewed up and spat out by a narcissistic/psychopathic male. I was a very vulnerable victim. I am a child from an extremely dysfunctional family. I went through depression, panic attacks, social phobias, nightmares, severe insomnia, anxiety. A lot. I no longer believe in any magical solutions. To truly recover from these things takes time and it is a very painful and challenging process.

Endometriosis and uterine fibroids

I have a rather large endometriotic cyst on my ovary and two rather big fibroids in my uterus. This part of my journey is somewhat confusing. Thanks to the stuff I do, I have nearly no symptoms. Only some discomfort. No pains, don’t even need to take brufen when my period starts, and my period is perfectly regular. I don’t even spot before my period anymore or have tender breasts. All of that used to be part of my menstrual cycle for years. So symptoms are not there, but clinically both the cyst and the fibroids are and are quite big. There are a few things I want to try, which I sort of tried in the past but didn’t stick with so there will be plenty to write about.

Female hair loss

This is one of the most difficult parts of my journey. I used to be the kid with gorgeous hair but the year I hit 14, I started shedding and my hair never went back to its former glory. It’s still on a progressively deteriorating trajectory. I have tried a tonne of things, none of which worked. But since I have also been struggling with severe CPTSD, there still might be hope for improvement when I get myself into a more stable mental place. I will review everything that I have done, including consultations with trichologists (and whether that’s worth it), and joining a hair loss support group.

Irritable bowel syndrome

I have a rather severe IBS and finetuning my diet to keep that in check is absolutely crucial. If you don’t digest well, you don’t absorb properly any nutrients and vitamins and that obviously affects almost everything.

Acne and keeping my skin wrinkle-free

That’s one of my success stories. There was a time when I suffered from rather bad cystic acne. But that’s gone and as long as l stick to my regimen, my skin is pretty awesome. It’s awesome to the level that a doctor administering PRP was kind of wondering how young my skin looks at the age of 37. Obviously, it could be genetics. You never know for sure with these things.


I’ll probably talk a little about my fitness routine and how that solved all sorts of back problems I used to have when I was younger. I also want to put my fitness routine into perspective with my other health issues and try to evaluate whether it makes any difference.

I plan to be absolutely brutally honest with everything. Especially about things that did not help me or the areas where I am still failing to make progress (and maybe I never will make any progress in those areas, who knows). I think honesty is really important since there are many of us dealing with all sorts of taboo issues, which need to be destigmatised and discussed more openly.

I will aim to make one post every week. Just to put the information out there. And I would be really interested in hearing from others who may have had successes on their respective journeys.